I have to say that I have yet to find any children´s books which better, or at the least equal, Enid Blyton. I have a compilation called “Tell Me a Story Book” from my childhood which my own 5 year old daughter loves.

I have bought tons of other books in my search for a modern day equivalent but most seem so literal, basic and boring by comparison. I have come across one or two treasures but none that can match up to Ms Blyton´s imagination.

Have we lost our ability to imagine into realms which are filled with magic, beauty, gentleness and wonder yet are also strung through with a reality which is grounded and simple and weaves their lessons into the story for the child to unravel over a number of tellings?

Perhaps in this age of “more-better-next” we don´t return to stories over and over again, allowing the child to absorb, understand and get to know the characters and this is all too often reflected in the books I see. I am sure there are many wonderful children´s books out there which I have missed, I hope so and I hope to find them soon. Any recommendations would be welcome!